10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Career in Software Testing

After spending almost a decade in the software testing industry, I think I am eligible to write down the learnings. :)

Most of the time, I have been asked, whether I do any testing with current role?

My answer is, YES, always!

As I have written in many STH posts in past, software testing is about mind and eyes and not about years of experience, it really is expected to grow with experience. Continue reading →

How Do You Test a Web Page that is Media Rich?

How do you test a web page that is media rich? - This is an interview question that one of our readers “Colleen” has requested us to answer. And here is us, keeping the promise. If you have more questions please put those in comments.

Since this is us answering an interview question, we want to let you in on a little secret – this question is not about the page. The other questions that belong to this genre are: How do you test an alarm clock or toaster or computer mouse or ATM machine or a can of soda etc. Continue reading →

Meliora Testlab Test Management Tool Review

Projects that either do not have a test management tool, or have a tool that does not meet it’s users’ expectations often end up working inefficiently.

There are many things that affect efficiency: What people should be testing, how to find the right test cases or specifications, what should be tested after the issue is fixed and how to show what has been tested and where the problems are. For these things a test management tool helps by giving an interface that is designed to help in doing the daily work. Continue reading →

Why Functional and Performance Testing Should be Done Simultaneously

Software Testing covers a wide range of areas where any verification or validation of software functionality can occur. Occasionally, non-functional aspects become less concerning over the functional aspects. They are not performed practically; simultaneously during software testing.

This article explains the added benefits of the quality of the software product during various scenarios in the software testing life-cycle when both functional and non-functional are taken simultaneously. Continue reading →

What is Test Harness and How is it Applicable to us, Testers

I am not a big fan of labels. Here is what I mean by that.

If I have to check few aspects before I determine whether or not QA can be started, I will simple make a list and perform the action. In my opinion, it does not matter if I officially call it a “Test readiness review” operation or not – as long as I am doing what I am supposed to do, I think there is no need to call it a specific name or label.

What is test harness

But I stand corrected. Recently, in my class I was teaching Agile-scrum model for software development. There was a Continue reading →

How to Test and Validate Your Database Backup and Recovery?

In this article we shall discuss about verifying and testing your database backups. We will be explaining concepts such as what, why and how about Database backups and methods to test the backup.

We will take Oracle database as a case study for this tutorial.

Case Study: Testing Oracle Database Backups: Continue reading →